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Skin care and management can be over looked by many clinics and this article will review the benefits of adding a skin division to a cosmetic or medical practice.

Botox, dermal fillers and other cosmetic solutions can provide excellent results for many indications. However when treating patients do not forget the skin, good skin will always enhance their appearance.

Why introduce skin care to your clinic?

The skin care market is estimated to be valued at 2.3 billion in the UK by 2019 this market is growing. The current market (leader 2014) is L’Oreal who provides a wide range of High Street beauty products. Many of the high street products have restrictions on the percentage of active ingredients they can use. In medicine the active ingredients within the creams and lotions can be a higher percentage thus providing a more effective solution for many skin related medical and cosmetic treatments.

Why create skin care division?

Developing a clinician as a skin care specialist will enhance the treatment portfolio for any clinic. Effective combination treatments using skin peels and micro-skin needling systems can be introduced in the practice.

What type of skin peel is ideal for any clinic?

Clinicians have a lot of choice when introducing chemical peels and skin care products.

The best skin peel systems should have the following:

  • Minimum down time for patients
  • Affective for range of skin types
  • Controlled skin penetration
  • Good safety record with minimum adverse events
  • Easy to use
  • A range of quality creams or lotions to assist with each specific skin conditions

The Alpha Hydroxyl Acid also known as glycolic peels provide a good solution for most skin types. The AHA is classified a superficial peel. For the chemical peel training the NEOSTRATA AHA peel system is used,  this peel provides all of the criteria listed above.

These peels are provided in various strengths of AHA 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%. Clinicians will start with 20% peel and provide further treatments at 2 week intervals for a course of 4 treatments to achieve the best results. Individual treatments for facial rejuvenation can be provided for patients (£80-£100). A full course of AHA peel 4 treatment will priced between £300 and £400 and the cost of the peels are inexpensive ranging from approximately £5 to £8 per treatment.

The TCA peel is a medium depth peel and ideal for skin types 1 to 3. This peel is slightly more aggressive then the AHA peels and provides excellent treatment results when used by a skilled clinician.  The Easy TCA peel is the product also covered the chemical peel course. The Easy TCA can be purchased as a 4 peel treatment system or a 16 peel system. The price for 16 Peels system is around £200 and each peel session (16 x peels) is priced between £100 and £150. Providing medical grade skin care and peels equip your clinic with a comprehensive solution for one of the biggest markets in aesthetics.

Both of the peel systems have a comprehensive range of skin care products which will provide increased revenue for any clinic.To learn both skin peel systems in the 1 course contact KT Training

Other skin health and management courses that may be of interest:

Complimentary Skin Health and Management (CPD points approved)-this free online course is available to candidates who enrol the chemical peels course.

Mesotherapy and Dermaroller micro skin needling courses are also available.

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Chemical peel courses


Chemical Peel Courses London

KT Training chemical peels courses will be held in Ealing, London.

The chemical peel course training venue has spacious treatment and lecture rooms.

The chemical peel courses cover 3 of the most popular and effective medical grade chemical peel products available which include Neostrata glycolic skin peels, Skin Tech Easy TCA Peels and the Innovative Concept Peel.

The 3 chemical peels will enable the safe and effective treatment of the various of skin types for treatments including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and anti ageing.

The chemical peel courses in London are very popular and have a maximum of 8 participants. It is advised to book in advance to ensure places for the chemical peel and skin care training dates in London.